Hood Cleaning

Exceptional Kitchen Hood Cleaning Services


Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning From Rooftop To Cooktop, We Clean The Entire System

Oregon Hood Cleaning separates itself from the competition by inspecting and cleaning the entire system beyond the hood. Our kitchen exhaust system cleaning ALWAYS includes the fan(s) on the roof, all accessible duct from the roof to the kitchen exhaust hood, the interior and exterior of the exhaust hood, the wall behind your cooking line, and the grease baffle filters.

Never Out Of Sight

Code requires when areas of the exhaust system become contaminated with grease, a properly trained, qualified, and certified exhaust cleaner must inspect and clean the entire system in accordance with NFPA Standard-96, including every inch of the ductwork and the exhaust fan on the roof. Aside from checking the work yourself, photos are the best way to ensure your exhaust system is being maintained and properly cleaned. To give you peace of mind that your kitchen exhaust system has been cleaned to the highest standards, we provide digital before and after photos of the entire system. In addition, our crew will take digital photos of the roof area around the fan to help identify potential problems with your roof.

Information You Can Trust

We report our findings to you in our after-service follow-up Report. Each time we clean your kitchen exhaust system, you will receive a detailed report of our service including digital photos of our work, any items that must be corrected to comply with codes, and any suggestions we have for maintaining your system at peak efficiency. This report provides verification that the work performed followed standardized procedures for ensuring that the cleaning process meets or exceeds all provisions of the NFPA 96 code, fire and health department regulations, insurance company requirements, and all applicable federal state and local laws.